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What is a Tantric Massage?


A great deal of misconception about tantric massage exists, particularly in the western mind. People often assume that it is just a type of erotic massage. In fact, tantric massage is beyond that. It is a means to emotional and physical well-being. Tender and pleasurable, it results in a positive outcome on the anxieties related to the psycho-emotional-sexual arena. It helps release tension and stress, while recharging vital energy.


Tantra is usually practiced differently everywhere as it is interpreted differently anywhere you go.  Here at Tantra Queen, through experience Layla has developed a deep, erotic massage encompassing a hybrid of Tantra, Nuru and Kahuna elements which are choreographed according to what works and yields the best results. Ensuring clients are left feeling happy and completely satisfied at the end of the session. Her version of the tantra massage is truly a unique and amazing experience.



Available in 2 cities, travel to all major international hotels for massage services in Cape town and Johannesburg

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