Privacy and Discretion

Our policy is to always maintain or client's privacy

We respect your need for discretion and therefore ensure your privacy is strictly observed at all times. However, in order to organize a booking for you we must know the following:

Your full name, the name and room number of your hotel. Your mobile number as we need to communicate directly with you.


Please make a good impression when you text. Be polite and introduce yourself. We are extremely selective about the clientele that we serve and turn down many bookings based on bad first contact.

Please have these details at hand when setting up a booking as it makes things easier and quicker. We will need to confirm your details by calling you back to your room through the hotel switchboard. We never share the reason of our call to you with hotel operator or anyone, so you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your booking.

Our masseuses always professionally dressed, they communicate and handle themselves competently, and as a result can easily be mistaken for a work colleague.

Please note that if we cannot locate you telephonically at the address you provided us, your booking will be cancelled.

For safety reasons, the masseuse must text our assistant when they arrive and when they leave your hotel room. Please ensure you let us know beforehand if you wish to extend the booking.

We understand your privacy is very important for you and that you need to have peace of mind when booking services of an adult nature. That is why privacy protection is among our top priorities and an essential component of our business paradigm.

We will never contact you by phone, text or by any other means of communication with any offers, queries or marketing campaigns.


We only need your personal details for the booking confirmation and security check. We closely guard our reputation as a premier and discreet service, and would never compromise our reputation by being neglectful to your need of privacy or not mindful of the safety of the personal information you provided us.

We will ensure you’re comfortable and enjoy this amazing experience with peace of mind.