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Tantra Services Offered



The Tantric massage practiced is a deep, erotic massage encompassing a hybrid of Tantra, Nuru and Kahuna elements which are choreographed in harmony to your body to achieve the most stimulating and pleasurable results. Scents and music create the atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation, where both you and masseuse are completely nude and organic coconut oil mixture is used on your body.


The first massage strokes are made particularly delicate, thus allowing me to come into the contact with you. These gestures are slow, gentle and wide in order to build a sense of mutual trust and bond between you and the masseuse . This gently puts your mind at ease so that you can enter a sense of relaxation where you are open and ready to receive. The masseuse will speak to you slowly and carefully regarding the experience we are sharing.

She will explain what to expect as well as give to tips on how to translate this experience and explore it further in your personal life.


During the session your body is put into a high level of arousal using body to body slides and nuru techniques, whilst simultaneously harmonizing energy through breathing and visualizations. In short, Nuru is a Japanese technique where she will slide her pelvis all over your body while stimulating various parts of your body including highly sensitive erogenous zones.


When the she eventually gets to your pelvic area, release control and edging is practiced in order to maximize the experience. That is when you’re pushed to the edge of release and then intentionally deferred.

Its all in aide of teaching you techniques that you are going to use to acquire skills to stronger, longer lasting experiences and be more fulfilled at the end.

For women, your body is trained to build, then suppress the feeling as in waves, build up to a peak again and then ride it down, build up again until you finally experience an extremely explosive and satisfying end. The masseuse will also work through techniques that COULD result in a female liquid release.


At every stage of the process, the masseuse observes and guides you in accordance to mood and energy state. It helps to make scenarios that create a state of total harmony by dissolving all repressed tensions and blockages.


Even though breathing techniques and visualizations are conducted during the session, this is a sensual, erotic experience... not necessarily full blown Tantra. The masseuse will not waste your time with unnecessary rituals, but only enact things we know to work in setting you into a particular state to archive results and ultimately having you leave with happiness and pure satisfaction.


After the session, exfoliating gloves are used to gently massage all the oil off your body in the shower. She will leave you looking and feeling fresher than you did when I walked in. Completely de-stressed, energized and liberated.


Please Note:  Due to the fact that we always work on a bed, Nuru seaweed gel is not used.  It is extremely messy, requiring an extensive clean up time and can easily stain and damage fabrics and upholstery.