Tantra for Couples


The couple’s tantric session encompasses the overall elements of the individual tantra sessions. However it differs in that it is a minimum of 1.5 hours in length and encourages the couples to engage with one another under the guidance of Layla.


She would begin by discussing the session to ease of nervousness and to understand the expectations, so as to gain a clear understanding of what is going to be achieved during the session.


During this session, the Layla would demonstrate various techniques on one partner with the involvement of the other.  This would happen in an alternating manner, so that each partner would rotate between the role of a tantra subject and an assistant to her.  Feeling the pleasure of the experience and then learning how to give that pleasure in a way that makes it amazing.


The couple’s tantric session creates a new found experience between a couple, thus building a better understanding and sexual rapport between the two, bringing about love and harmony between a man and a woman.  It allows them to take these newly learnt techniques home with them to experience later by themselves, resulting in a stronger bond and closer relationship.

Two separate massage therapists can perform this particular option. (Two females or Layla and a male colleague).



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