Services for Men

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Tantra for Men


The tantric services for men at Tantra Queen is primarily a tantric massage integrated with nuru, a body to body massage, where your whole body is massaged with the masseuse's nude body. Giving you both relaxation and arousal, this kind of massage will culminate in the orgasmic sensations of lingam massage, with the integration of edging.


Please bear in mind that minimum booking time for a tantric massage, is 1 hour as it takes time to achieve effective results in an unrushed manner, but you're welcome to extend your time if you wish.


The Lingum Massage with Edging


The Lingam massage is extremely stimulating sexually and usually ends in a release, even though it’s not the main goal behind it.  An important aspect to the Tantric massage is that it helps you relax while being extremely enjoyable.


Like every other kind of massage, oil is the key lubricant used to ensure the massage is highly satisfying. The edging, which is when release is purposely deferred, can cause men to experience heightened, longer lasting pleasure while still remaining hard.  Thereby, allowing one to either continue experiencing further to build up to a phenomenal release.


By teaching you how to stave off release, giving you better control over it after a few sessions, prolongs the pleasurable sensations and can certainly lead to a better love life with your partner


What is a Nuru Massage?


Body slide is the nickname given for slippery massage, and for good reason. It ensures recipients have a full understanding of what the massage provides. The slippery massage isn’t like other massages as the oil is placed on both bodies to produce a very sensual experience. The masseuse warms the oil up using her hands to ensure the most pleasure when applied.


This kind of massage helps to alleviate tension and anxiety and produce a mixture of excitement and relaxation.


A nuru massage is an ancient form of massage, a Japanese type of 'slide massage'. Today you can receive your very own nuru massage with our specially trained masseuse. If you haven't tried a Nuru yet then maybe you should, this beautiful form of relaxation has been mastered and perfected.


All she needs is a body to perform it on, could that be you?


Please Note:  Due to the fact that she works on a bed, Nuru seaweed gel is not used.  It is extremely messy, requiring an extensive clean up time and can easily stain and damage fabrics and upholstery.