Services for Women

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Tantra for Women


The tantric massage for women at Tantra Queen is primarily a tantric massage integrated with nuru, body to body massage, when your whole body is massaged with the naked body of your masseuse. Giving you both relaxation and arousal, this kind of massage will culminate in the orgasmic sensations of Yoni massage.


Before the session commences, all aspects of the session are discussed and customized in order to ensure there is a clear understanding of what will be done and to build a mutual atmosphere of trust. For example, you may choose to include or exclude the yoni massage from the session or require attention to another part of your body.


Please bear in mind that minimum booking time for a tantric massage is 1 hour as it takes time to achieve effective results in an unrushed manner, but of course you can extend your time if you wish...


What is a Yoni Massage?


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and loosely translates to mean 'Sacred Space'. In Tantra, this area is seen as the sacred space of a woman and the origin of life. Thus, it is treated with love and admiration. The purpose of yoni massage isn’t only to achieve a whole body orgasm, but also to experience a deepened state of sexual liberalism, bringing strong emotions to the fore, allowing the orgasm to be stronger and last longer. It also sets out to awaken a woman and make her more aware of her own sexuality and intimacy. Sex therapists sometimes use yoni massage as an aid for women to breakthrough and overcome sexual blocks.


Our skilled masseuse understands that women feel uneasy about this technique. You don’t need to include it on your first session - perhaps you prefer first to get to know and trust your masseuse. We can do a Tantric Massage without it first.


For some clients this can be a process over several sessions. In one session we connect with it a little, in another session more, until you feel that your Yoni can awaken to its full capacity of pleasure and love.


You don’t even need to decide before you come or even before we start the massage. Maybe in conversation during your session, you will understand it more and become more comfortable. Maybe you are still unsure and opt for leaving it to the masseuse - if it feels that you are comfortable with this during the massage, The masseuse will go ahead. If you are not and if she miscalculated you can simply take her hand off.  If later you feel more ready you can put my hand back on.


This massage is not a standalone massage, in that it is ineffective on its own and will not bring about any healing or pleasure but may rather end up with a feeling of cold disconnect.  Therefore to heal, it has to draw on all your being for its power, so a holistic sensual Tantric massage has to precede it to set your mind into the correct state for the journey.