Terms & Conditions

The services provided by me is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Any violation of the above mentioned rules and regulations can result in the cancellation or termination of services from my side without a refund or compensation. A persistent failure to comply with the terms of service outlined below may result in our permanent refusal to provide you with massage services and blacklisting of your personal details. Any serious breach of my terms of service may result in the instant, permanent and irreversible ban of a client, or a prospective client, from the further use of my services without any further debate or opportunity for self-justification.


These terms and conditions are designed to improve the experience of a client and to provide me with a clean and safe work environment. Abiding by these rules will help maximize the client’s satisfaction as well as the efficiency of the work of myself


All rules, term and conditions of the massage services are applied to each and every client with no exception and should be considered a primal point of reference in cases of possible controversy or argument. Therefore, by booking a massage with me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


1. Personal hygiene.

You must observe the rules of personal hygiene and ensure satisfactory physical cleanliness prior to the commencement of the massage session. Therefore, kindly ensure you've washed thoroughly before the start of the massage and that you have fresh clean towels in your bathroom for me to use for my preparatory hygienic procedures.


2. Environment.

Please make your tantric massage experience comfortable by maintaining an appropriate temperature in your room, where both you and I will feel at ease while in the nude. Also, please check that there are no air draughts in the premises or that the air stream from the air conditioner is not pointed directly at us.


Tantric massage is an intimate form of therapy, so please ensure there are no other people present in the room during the therapy session, unless i the case of a couple's booking.


You must abstain from excessive alcohol or drug use before and during the massage.


3. Payments.

All payments for massage services should be made directly to me in cash in South African Rands before the start of the session.


Please make sure that you have sufficient funds available prior to my arrival. In cases where full amount of the service cost is not available in cash at client’s side, the time spent by me waiting for the client’s trip to the ATM and back will be charged at standard company’s service tariff in 15 minute increments. No credit cards, cheques or wire transfer payments or foreign currency is accepted for the services (unless agreed upon before my arrival). If you wish to extend your booking, you must inform me beforehand.


If you wish to cancel the booking, you must inform me as soon as possible.


Airport bookings and all other outcall bookings to the addresses outside of Sandton are subject to the additional transport fare, which is discussed individually in every case.


4. Limitation of services provided.

The massages provides tantric massage services, but not escort services. You must observe these boundaries and never solicit for sexual services of any kind, or any other services that are not listed on the website. No soliciting for sexual services outside of those compliant with tantric massage conceptual framework and business practices of the company should ever take place, with or without financial or other reward being offered. Such soliciting is considered a criminal offense under South African laws and may result in legal prosecution of the offender. However sexually explicit, each and every tantric massage session should always remain within the limits of therapy and be aimed towards general healing and restorative effects rather than sexual satisfaction.


Respect given is respect earned. Any form of abuse will not be tolerated and  appropriate action, including calling the police, in any serious circumstances.


If you have any special requirements regarding the massage, you must discuss them with me beforehand,  giving me enough time to prepare accordingly.


5. Age.

Due to its erotic nature, tantric massage should be considered as an adult oriented service. All clients of this services must be at least 18 years old, which is the minimal legal age for adult entertainment in South Africa.


6. Exclusion.

If the content of this website contradicts your moral or religious norms, you must leave this website immediately.